Happy New Year Fellow Members!

Hope this year brings all of you plenty of blessings and safe, fun-loving memories. I am looking forward to bringing all of you updated news and hopefully some great reports for this up-coming year.

Would like to take this time to bring to everyone’s attention that one of our own, Tom Laine has been sick with some knee issues. Please keep him in your thoughts. Oh, and please remember his wife Lori, who has to pu up with his “I can’t sit still” dumbass. Big Tom, from all of us here at Orleans Chapter, we’re hoping for you, a quick recovery!

Also, please keep John Lotz in your thoughts as his dad passed on.

Looking for some great idea’s to place in our newsletters. So if you have anything that you would like to share with others, please send me the info at my e-mail address. Don’t be shy! Mark LOVES sending me blonde jokes. So it could be almost anything, from a joke to having an item for sale. Just send me your stuff, and I will be glad to advertise for you! Please keep it tasteful. Thank you again, and looking forward to hearing from you.

Would like to make an apology for the last newsletter getting to you all so late. Trial and error, completely. To add to this mishap, I thought that it would be a great idea to use “gorilla staples from work. The ones that I have here at home just would not do the trick. SO… I thought that it would be “fun” for you all to have to pull out your noseplier’s to open up the news. You know… to bring in the new year with some excitement. I apologize for that bright idea,. That is, unless we are in need of some amusement again…

On a happier note… Get your ride’s ready!!! Warmer weather is on its way!!!